Zach Johnson

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. Standing there when I was talking to Peter Malnati about playing with you and how he always wanted to play a round of golf with you and maybe pick up a thing or two. You had no idea, right?
ZACH JOHNSON: No. That was an awkward moment, but very nice. Obviously very complimentary. Clearly he knows what he’s doing. He’s won a golf tournament on the PGA TOUR. That’s not easy. I don’t care where or what it is or how do it, it’s just not easy.

The guy has a solid game and clearly that’s evident. If anything, he just makes me feel old, but I can relate. When I came out here I had my one or two, maybe three guys that I certainly looked up to and admired as far as how they played and practiced and what they focused on.

Yeah, I mean, if he ever has any questions, I’ll do my best to give him an answer here or there. But, yeah, that was a little bit humbling right there.

Q. You mentioned it makes you feel old.

Q. But earlier in the week you mentioned you feel like your best golf is ahead of you.
ZACH JOHNSON: I think so. I firmly believe that. I mean, I think you still can’t put a — how much experience pays off, and certainly I think – I think – we’ve got a good plan as far as how we approach the game both on and off the golf course. The gym, that kind of thing.

So I am always trying to get better and learn. I’m not suggesting it’s going to keep going up. May be a bump here or there. But that’s sports; that’s golf.

I can accept that. But you won’t see a downward fall due to lack of work. Just keep doing what I’m doing.

Q. Second nine today, front side of the Plantation, seemed to go better for you. That birdie on No. 2, your caddie started flapping his arms. Did that get you going?
ZACH JOHNSON: I don’t think I missed a green up to that point. I essentially had not made a birdie. So today was not very good golf.

I don’t have any excuses other than the fact it wasn’t good. I haven’t played in five weeks, but that’s not an excuse. I’ve played great after five weeks. So just wasn’t very solid.

Right now there is not a whole lot of wind going on and it’s there for the taking. Overcast is what we like. But I got it in at 2-Under. I guess it could have been worse. Hopefully I can regroup tomorrow and put a good number up.


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