Kyle Stanley

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. Great way to celebrate your birthday, 6-under par. Fantastic round.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, thank you. Pretty happy with the day. For the most part, kind of a boring round. Kept it in front of me and made some putts when I had ’em.

Q. How much did you feed off what Kevin was doing? I know he finished with the eagle, but you’re only one stroke behind him.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, he got hot kind of late. Yeah, it was kind of nice. For the most part everybody in our group played well, including Tim.

It was nice. I think we all kind of fed off each other a little bit.

Q. A lot players I talked to after the round said they didn’t expect to get the round in or that there would be starts and stops. How pleasant a surprise was it to get all 18 ina row in?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I didn’t expect that kind of when I woke up this morning looking at the radar and what was expected. We really didn’t get rained on at all.

It was nice not to have interruptions. The last couple have kind of been tough with the weather. Hasn’t really cooperated. Stopping and starting. It was nice to not do that today.

Q. Winds tomorrow at Seaside. What will you do to prepare for that?
KYLE STANLEY: Well, I think you just kind of have to get creative. I don’t really like to fight the wind of ooh like to let my ball play with the wind.

So I think they’re be opposite than they were today. Won’t matter much because we’ll be playing a different golf course.

Yeah sure I’ve played there before when the wind gets blowing. Definitely a good test.

Q. How do you plan celebrate your birthday?
KYLE STANLEY: Oh, gosh. I don’t know. Got my wife here with me, so probably just make dinner at the house and relax.

Q. How often have you played the Plantation course?
KYLE STANLEY: Nine holes in the practice round; didn’t see the back nine, which was my front today. I think maybe back in my AJGA days we played a couple events here.

But, yeah, it’s been years. Been a while.

Q. First impressions for a tour event?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, no, it’s good. I think the Sea Side is probably a little bit more exposed. Once you get out on the Plantation you don’t feel the wind as much with the trees kind of blocking it and whatnot.

I don’t know what the scores are on Sea Side. I suspect all week they’ll maybe be a little bit higher.


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