Brendon de Jonge

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. Talk about the round today and what was going well for you.
BRENDON DE JONGE: I played solid. Hit it in a lot of fairways. You kind of have to when you’re playing ball-up and the course is this soft.

I hit good off the tee and got pretty lucky. Didn’t get much wind until we made the turn.

I was able to take advantage of that early.

Q. The Plantation course is new to the tour. Initial thoughts? Obviously you liked it.
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, it’s good. It’s a fun golf course to play. Obviously resort golf course. It’s nice. It’s a nice mix from Sea Side to Plantation. It’s good. I’m plaid glad they incorporated it.

Q. Can you contrast the Sea Side and Plantation course? I know you played 20 rounds over there and 1 over here.
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, obviously completely different. This is a lot more parkland. But the greens are very, very small over here. I think from what I’ve heard we’re going to get some wind on Sea Side, so going to be tricky out there.

Q. Last thing, 4-under on the four par-5s. Is there a different kind of game plan compared to other courses for these Par-5s?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Obviously we’ve got four on this one and I need two over there. Got to try and get them on the Plantation side for sure.


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