Q. One of the better rounds on Seaside. Of course, the scores have been pretty good on that side.  How do you assess your day?

VAUGHN TAYLOR:  I played well.  It didn’t play easy, so wind was blowing pretty good.  I’m pleased with my round.  It wasn’t easy at all.

Q. You missed only three greens on Seaside with the wind blowing like that. That’s pretty good. 

VAUGHN TAYLOR:  Yeah, I played pretty steady.  I drove it well and hit some good irons and wedges, too.  Very pleased.

Q. Heading into the weekend now you’re 9 under, four back. You’re right there, especially with the wind expected to really blow tomorrow and then really blow on Sunday. 

VAUGHN TAYLOR:  Yeah, I expect it to play tough.  I think the direction’s going to change.  Who knows what the holes are going to play like.  It’s been blowing out of the north, northeast, I think south tomorrow, so could be different, who knows.

Q. You’ve won a couple times out here, you’ve had success. Now going into the weekend, do you feel like your game is right there, do you feel good, like maybe this could be another good weekend?

VAUGHN TAYLOR:  Yeah, I feel like I’m going in the right direction.  I’ve kind of played good in streaks lately.  Made some changes, so I’m still trying to figure out how I feel under the gun and things with the changes.  It’s day to day, so we’ll see how it feels tomorrow.


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