Q. We’re getting past the point here where we’re probably going to ask you how you’re feeling. So what’s going right right now in your game?

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  I was hitting the ball really well coming down here.  I was anxious to see how I would hold up under pressure, I haven’t played a tournament in five months, so it’s held up better than I thought it would.  Ball striking’s been really good, mental capacity’s been unbelievable.  I think being so fresh, excited to be out there and thinking clearly.  My short game, which has always been a strength of mine, I didn’t know how sharp it was going to be, it’s been really good so far.  So I’m excited about that, excited about the weekend being here in a place I feel comfortable, and hopefully I can kind of build on where I am, get up there close to the leaders and have a real shot on Sunday

Q. When you come here with the mindset that you just want to probably test it out and see how things are, and then you look at it and you’re within striking distance of the lead, at what point are you crossing over to “I can win this golf tournament”?

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  Yeah, right now.  After today, I knew about the second hole today, I hit a 4-iron to about five feet, a tough shot.  At that point I was like okay, we’re fine, body’s good, let’s go ahead and try to get ourselves up that leaderboard, make a move today.

Hopefully I can build on that, but I’m excited about where my game is, where my health is.  Hopefully things stay the same way, weather stays good, should be a fun weekend for me.


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