Johnson Wagner

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. You seemed to bring out some really good ball-striking rounds, and today was no different.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, I played really nicely. Hit a lot of greens. Missed maybe two, including the last, which was a frustrating. But hit a bad drive and made a lot of putts today. Speed was incredible on the greens.

Just, yeah, really happy with the start.

Q. You referenced the greens conditions out there.
JOHNSON WAGNER: They were a little soft, but we were third off on the front so they were probably the best greens I’ve seen in a long time.

Got a little bumpy on the back, but I was rolling the ball so well I didn’t see anything.

Q. And your thoughts on the Plantation golf course tomorrow for your second round.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, it’s a good course. I’ve played to a bunch in years past. Come down to Sea Island for years and it’s a good golf course. Very gettable. Wind is supposed to be up, so we’ll see what it gives us.


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