Jim Furyk

Q:  Jim, that was pretty good going, particularly through 36 holes today, you sort of had it going around the turn?


Q:  How’s the game, the kind of shape it’s in?

JIM FURYK:  It feels all right.  I took a lot of time off, I have rusty.  I just kind of got out of sorts a little bit last week and didn’t play well.  Had a couple days to practice on Sunday and Monday at home.  Really was working on my setup and was kind of out of whack and felt like I had some lines that were opposing each other, so my dad and I worked on my setup and trying to get squared up.  It’s felt pretty good so far.  I made a couple loose things this week, but for the most part I’ve kept the ball in front of me, hit a lot of greens and fairways.  The real test will kind of be this weekend.  It’s going to blow a little bit, this golf course will change.  The scoring is incredibly low right now, but if it blows close to 20 and it’s supposed to be cold on Sunday, it’ll separate the field.

Q:  Does that bring Jim Furyk back into play even more so? At 9 under, in lovely position, but the harder it gets the more you’re probably going to grind your way into it?

JIM FURYK:  Well, yeah, you’ve got to be careful what you ask for.  I’m definitely not rooting for bad weather or a lot of wind.  It will stress everyone’s game.  It’s a most peaceful walk right now.  I’ve enjoyed the beautiful weather and would prefer it that way, but we’ll take it as it comes.

I’m a little bit anxious to see how everything holds up.  As I said, I haven’t played a lot of golf.  I want to get out there and get in the wind and it will be a good test for me this weekend to see where my game’s at.

Q:  It’s been a pretty big year obviously, that low number in Connecticut was huge, and to be a part of that Ryder Cup winning team even though in an assistant role, lovely way to cap off 2016 with a trophy?

JIM FURYK:  It would be, it would be, but coming off of surgery in February, getting started in May was quicker than I thought I would.  I had a good June finishing second at the U.S. Open, as you mentioned the 58 in Hartford, so there was some flashes of good things happening in my game.  It sure was fun watching our guys go out and play well in the Ryder Cup and have a dominant victory and just so happy for those 12 and how they played.  And I know Davis wouldn’t want to hear it, I’m happy for him.  We didn’t finish it off in ’12, to see these guys go out and do it in ’16 was fun.

Q:  Did you have a little reunion dinner this week with Davis just to have some reminiscing?

JIM FURYK:  I’m betting Davis is a little busy this week.  I’ve ask if everything’s okay, and in true Davis Love fashion, he keeps asking if I need anything.  But no, I know he’s busy and they’re putting on a lovely event and I wish the Loves, Davis and Robin and Mark, obviously a great week and so far it’s been perfect.


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