Chad Campbell

Q:  18 greens today, what a big par save on the last, you made a number of birdies.  That must make you feel pretty good?

CHAD CAMPBELL:  Yeah, I played pretty well all day.  It was nice to see that last one go in to save that par with a bad tee shot in the right bunker.  Overall happy with the way I played the first two days.

Q:  And the game appears to be trending in the right direction here through the fall.  You had a few good rounds in Mexico, has that kind of kicked you on?

CHAD CAMPBELL:  Yeah, I played pretty well in Mexico other than the first day.  The first day I played terrible but then, like you say, I had three good rounds and kind of carried it over to this week.

Q:  Now speak about coming from Plantation to seaside, you had a change in course style. 


Q:  But certainly managing the bounce out on the greens, is that difficult?

CHAD CAMPBELL:  A little bit.  They’re definitely a little bit firmer over here.  With the overseed over, there they’re spinning back.  It was nice to see some balls releasing over here, it makes it a little bit easier to get at some of these back holes.

Q:  You’re in through 36 at minus 11.  Thoughts to what it might take on the weekend?

CHAD CAMPBELL:  I think the weather’s goes to change a little bit, I think we’ve got a little wind and cooler temperatures coming in.  I think it’s going to be a lot of the same, but definitely this course gets a little tricky when the wind starts blowing, so we’ll have to see what it has for us tomorrow.

Q:  A little wind would be a good deal for you, right?

CHAD CAMPBELL:  Yeah, yeah, it’s kind of weird to play this course without much wind.  We’ve always seen it with a lot of wind, so we’ll see what happens.


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