Q:  Let’s talk about today.  A bogey‑free 65, that was one heck of a round of golf.  You’ve got to be absolutely pumped up?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  Absolutely.  Playing on a sponsor’s exemption, no status, so I came here with the attitude of just trying to have fun.  I was pretty tight this morning, I’m not going to lie about that.  I hit a bad shot into 1 and I chipped in and it just calmed me down and I felt pretty calm all day actually.

Q:  The putter was good, 27 total putts, 105 feet of putts.  You made a lot.

HENRIK NORLANDER:  Yeah, absolutely.  I’ve been working hard on my putting the last few weeks.  When I’ve been off and started working with Ramon Visconso (sp?) and just feel so comfortable on the greens.  I feel like I’m going to make every putt I’m standing over, so it feels pretty good.

Q:  You talked about being nervous early, but I followed you on the back nine and you seemed very at ease.  You played that back nine really good.

HENRIK NORLANDER:  Yeah, I just felt comfortable with all the lines.  I played quite a bit of golf down here.  I just felt like I really didn’t have anything to lose, just come out swinging.

Q:  So what’s the game plan now as you wait, are you going to watch TV?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  No, I’m going to try to head to the range and probably get some updates there, try to stay loose if there’s a playoff.  Otherwise, yeah, I’m pleased either way.

Q:  Great round of golf, we may have some more to play.

HENRIK NORLANDER:  Yeah, thank you.

Q:  With the first guy to post 17 under here at the RSM Classic, Henrik, you have no status on the PGA Tour, you’re playing on a sponsor’s invite, you shoot 65 in the final round.

HENRIK NORLANDER:  I don’t know, I was pretty tight this morning.  I’ve really never been in this position out here.  I hit a bad shot into 1 and I chipped it in and that really calmed me down.  I felt really calm actually all day.  Putted good, hit it pretty solid, had two really good up‑and‑downs on 16 and 17.  Other than that, it was pretty smooth.

Q:  You did a great job closing out your round on 18.  Let’s take a look at what you were able to do on the closing hole.  As we see the approach here, what was going through your mind?  Did you know where you stood?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  Yeah, I knew I had to just make birdie and I had a perfect number, a 9‑iron 163, a little helping off the right.  That was probably the best shot of the week.  I knew it was going in.  Yeah, so pretty simple putt but you never know.  I tried to tell myself just put a good stroke on it.

Q:  What are you going to do in this next ‑‑

HENRIK NORLANDER:  I’m going to head to the range, try to get away a little bit, calm down a little bit just in case there’s a playoff.


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