Q:  What are your thoughts right now?  

HENRIK NORLANDER:  I’m just happy.  I mean, I hit two terrible drives.  That ball should have gone in the hazard on the second one.  It was a foot from the hazard.  I’m just happy I’ve got another chance.

Q:  What did they tell you about tomorrow morning, what time?


Q:  8:00, the par 3.  So what’s the mindset now?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  Just go eat dinner, relax and try to make a birdie.

Q:  You’re a pretty laid‑back guy, you don’t seem too nervous.

HENRIK NORLANDER:  This is just a great chance, an opportunity.  Yeah, worst case, I’m second.

Q:  How dark was it on the putt here?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  I had no clue.  When my caddie took out the flag, I had no clue where the hole was.  It was borderline to putt, but it would have been nice if someone would have made it.

Q:  Are you in here on a sponsor exemption?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  Yeah, I have no status.

Q:  What’s it mean to be in this position to have a chance to win tomorrow?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  It feels pretty good, yeah.  I’m just happy, like I said, to have a chance.  That’s all I can say.  Try to make birdie.

Q:  Given your status, was it hard to block all that out down the stretch?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  I mean, I really didn’t think about it because I mean, whatever.  I mean, I’ve got full Web category and everything else will be a bonus.  I really felt I was calmer in the last six holes than I was on the first six holes on Thursday.  I just felt like keep on hitting good shots and putted good.  Yeah, new day tomorrow.


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