Q:  Not the best shot but you must be very happy with your week’s work.

HENRIK NORLANDER:  Yeah, absolutely.  Obviously disappointing, but I didn’t hit a good shot.  I hit a good putt, just hit it a little firm, but yeah, I’m still happy with the week for sure.

Q:  So what’s the plans for Henrik Norlander over the next few weeks?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  I’m going to take it pretty easy I think.  It’s been a pretty long year.  So some time off and then get going again.

Q:  I know tough to come out for one hole this morning but talk about what happened.

HENRIK NORLANDER:  I just didn’t hit a very good shot.  I hit a good bunker shot and a good putt, I probably just hit it a little firm and it didn’t go in, but still a great week.  Obviously it’s disappointing right now, but I’ll get over it.

Q:  What will you take away from this whole week?

HENRIK NORLANDER:  Just the way I handled myself yesterday.  It was the first time I was close to the lead or in the lead and I just felt really calm so that’s something to build on for sure.


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