Q:  A disappointing finish but a great week.  Take me through the playoff hole today.

BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, I just was trying to be really aggressive, I just wanted to hit it close.  Just read the wind a little bit more.  The putt through the fringe I thought I hit perfect, they’re just a little stickier this morning than they have been because that play had been working pretty well all week.  Hit a good par putt.  Take a lot of positives from the week, it was great to have a chance and it’s just going to lead to some other good things.

Q:  What did you prove to yourself this week?

BLAYNE BARBER:  Just showed myself that I can win out here.  It was the best 72 holes mentally I’ve had ever I think.  I just was very committed and very patient and played great golf, so I’m very happy with this week.

Q:  How tough was it weather‑wise to get up to play a par 3 out of the gates?

BLAYNE BARBER:  It was tough.  I slept like 30 minutes last night, just felt a little under the weather and just thinking about today, and it is freezing out here.  I was shivering from the cold more than nerves, but it was really cold.

Q:  (No microphone.)

BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, you know, it’s really cold out here, it was tough.  It was a great putt by Mac.  Obviously it’s tough because the three of us made bogey.  Still a great week, glad to have a chance.  Hopefully, more good things.


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