Camilo Villegas

Q:  Camilo, great week, obviously disappointing.  What do you take away from this week?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Yeah, it was a very positive week.  A lot of things heading the right direction.  It’s a playoff.  You’ve got five guys, and obviously Mackenzie made a great putt there.  I flushed my 5‑iron there for the first shot and it just went over.  And it’s a lot colder this morning, it’s a lot tougher.

But I mean congrats to him.  He played well.  I played with him yesterday.  He made a couple mistakes, came back with some good birdies.  I managed to get myself in the playoff and, like I said, I’m proud of myself.  We always want to win, but it is what it is, man.

Q:  Came up just a putt shy?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Yeah, you know what, still a positive week after a very slow year.  A lot of things went in the right direction last week and this week.  I feel a lot more comfortable.  I feel comfortable the whole week.  It’s a five‑man playoff, I mean anything can happen.

I flushed my 5‑iron there on that tee shot, I thought it was perfect.  And then the putt, I just pushed it a tiny bit.  But once again, I’m proud of myself.  It’s a good way to start the year.  Obviously we want to win a golf tournament, so you go with a little bittersweet but you’ve got to look at the positive and keep moving forward.


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