Dru Love

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. Rough finish, but what can you pull out of the experience?
DRU LOVE: Yeah, I played really good for I guess 29 holes. Played well enough to make the cut and then excel a little bit more.

So I got to take that away. After 27 holes I was I guess one inside the cut line. As of right now, may be three now, with a lot of birdie holes left.

I’ll probably just take that away. I can hang in there. I can compete with these guys. If I tighten it up a little bit and quit worrying about so results much, I (indiscernible) the cut.

So I’ll take that away and just the experience of playing with my dad and my good friend, Justin.

Q. What was it tough to block out, thinking the cut coming down the stretch?
DRU LOVE: Not really. I was more motivated pushing forward. I wasn’t thinking about making the cut. I was thinking about getting myself maybe a later tee time. I was 3-under and had two par-5s left that were both reachable.

Never crossed my mind just thinking about making the cut. I think I had more pressure just trying to push forward a little bit.

Pushed a little too hard and tried to bomb a drive on 4 or 5, and just made bogey there and just kind of started a downward spiral.

Just got to try to stay in the moment a little bit more and quit worrying about the score so much.


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