Davis Love III

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. You played okay.
DAVIS LOVE III: Kind of like Dru. Couple bad swings here or there cost me a lot of shots and never got any real momentum going.

But hopefully I hung in there enough to play on the weekend.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
DAVIS LOVE III: I did. I had a lot of good ones there. I didn’t have enough short ones, but hit a good putt there.

Q. And the look at 8?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, 8 hit a pretty good putt. A little harder. But actually putted pretty good. Made a nice putt at — well, 2, 3, and 4. And 5.

So I made a few putts to keep me in it. That was nice.

Q. Tough to watch Dru go through that experience? He’s going to have days, holes like that.
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, he worked so hard to get his swing going good. He was disappointed yesterday. Some ways it was not a great round of golf, but in some ways it was a great round of golf. First time ever inside the ropes on the PGA TOUR.

But today I wish I was caddying. I almost — I was tempted to do something to disrupt him, because he pulled 2-iron on 3 and it was too much club. He tried to hit a little dinky 2-iron in there and he pulled it over the green in a bad place.

If he had hit 4-iron there and hit the middle the green and got out of there, I think he would have been fine. But he bogeyed there, got mad, swung really hard at the next one trying to knock it on in two – and only Justin Thomas is going to knock it on in two today probably – and made another bogey. Made a long putt for bogey.

And then after that he was just kind of rattled and missed the next three greens and another bad drive. But sometimes — I told him, I did it in Vegas. I was playing great and hit one bad shot and got frustrated and bogeyed four holes in a row and I missed the second, the Saturday cut.

It’s a fine line out here playing really good. He was 3-under through, whatever it was, 11. Looked like was going to make a run with Justin up to the lead, you know.

Justin kind of did the same thing. Tried to hit it in the lake a bunch today, too. Just kind of got away with it. Except for No. 7.

Q. Do you see anything on the swing, on the hooks, or did he just get quick?
DAVIS LOVE III: He just gets quick. He does that. That’s why Mark and Jordan Dempsey have been a doing great job with him around here. That’s why I called Butch about three weeks ago. I said, have you ever had any success with really talented guys that hit it a long way and get quick sometimes?

He says, Yes. Send him on out. (Laughter.) I’m the same way. Phil and Tiger and a lot of the guys that he’s worked with. You know, a lot of club head speed. Dustin Johnson. A lot of club head speed, and you got to control it and be balanced.

My mom gave him the best advice at the start of the week: Calm, cool, and collected, Dru. He hit the wrong club, got frustrated, went over to the next tee and sat on the cooler while we finished out, and then he swung really hard on the Par-5.

He went bogey, bogey and that rattled him. Now he knows he’s got to make birdies coming in. That was tough. But, he did a lot of good stuff. He’s going to be really disappointed for a while. He’s embarrassed because he knows he can make the cut and play well enough. He knows he can play well enough to play every tournament for his team. Sometimes he gets messed up in qualifying and doesn’t play well.

Keep telling him, You’re good enough to win some tournaments. Most people that are struggling, they don’t ever win. Sometimes you win and sometimes you play bad, but at least you can win when you get a chance. He’ll learn a lot from it.


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