Jason Gore

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. Jason, many seasons in two days. Thoughts on today’s round?
JASON GORE: It was a good round. I mean, I hit it pretty well. I didn’t miss a fairway again today. Any time you can get your hand on the ball when the ball is in hand a lot that’s good.

So just kind of got a bad break on 8. I thought I hit a really good second shot in there and then (outside noise disturbance) buried in the hill and then had to go back to where I was and made bogey.

A little lack of concentration and missed like a four-footer our something like that.

Other than that, birdied 10, which was a great birdie. I think it might be a (indiscernible) today.

Then just kind of got it rolling from there. Kept hitting good shots and rolled in a few putts.


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