Q.  Chris, let’s start off at 18, you had the eagle putt and I love your reaction because there is no reaction; as soon as you hit it, you knew that was in, didn’t you?

CHRIS KIRK:  To be honest with you, I kind of hit my putter on the fringe a little bit and I wasn’t sure it was going to get there, but that was just kind of the day that it was.  Even when I thought it wasn’t quite going to work out, it still went in the middle of the hole.  So I’ll take one of those days, it’s been a little while.

Q.  Yeah, it was a good day.  On 17 you had a really good look and didn’t make that one, but you made almost everything else, didn’t you?

CHRIS KIRK:  Yeah, I rolled it really nicely today.  It was fun seeing all those putts go in.  That’s kind of what I struggled with over the past year and why I haven’t had the results I’ve come to expect, so to have a day like today and hopefully I can have a bunch more of them.

Q.  It’s kind of been a transition year.  When you change equipment, for a professional golfer, that takes some time, doesn’t it?

CHRIS KIRK:  Yeah, definitely so.  I’m still trying to get it all worked out and figure out what I want to do going forward, but keep shooting 9 under so I won’t have to worry about it too much.

Q.  Yeah, you’ve won here before in 2013.  Of course I don’t think you played Plantation that year, it was all at Seaside, but you like Seaside, so going into tomorrow you go in with some confidence, don’t you?

CHRIS KIRK:  Yeah, absolutely.  This place, even though I don’t live here anymore, I lived here for six and a half years, it still feels like home every time I come back.  The people here are so welcoming and so nice to me at Sea Island, I couldn’t be more comfortable.  It’s nice to have this beautiful weather on some golf courses that I love.

Q.  We talk about the Georgia Bulldog connection, and Hudson played great today, I walked with him a little bit.  A lot of fans are out there.  You have to feel that, too.  That’s got to feel really good because there’s some people that just love you because you’re a Bulldog?

CHRIS KIRK:  No doubt, yeah.  It’s a big Georgia territory out here on St. Simons, for sure, so hopefully my hat will bring me some luck the rest of the week.

Q.  Yeah, I want to tell our radio audience, it’s a Georgia Bulldog logo on your hat.  Usually it’s some kind of company on there, but the Georgia Bulldog, that’s kind of cool. 

CHRIS KIRK:  Yeah, I’m kind of in a position right now where I can wear whatever hat I want, so I figured this week would be a great week to wear it.

Q.  Lastly, how’s the family?  I know your young family’s growing up over in Athens, that must be kind of cool right now?

CHRIS KIRK:  Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun.  We’ve really loved living in Athens.  Wilder, my youngest son, is three months old a couple days ago, so this is the first trip, the first golf trip where they’ve all been able to come.  We’ve really been having a great time.  My parents are here as well, so couldn’t be better.

Q.  So now I know why you’ve been so busy off the course, right?

CHRIS KIRK:  Absolutely.  Thankfully, I have a great wife, that’s for sure.  She keeps us all in line, all three of the boys and me.  It’s been just a dream.  My older two boys are about 20 months apart and then got the little guy that’s coming along now, so it’s been really great. 

Q.  Chris, I know you haven’t had the results that you wanted, but what does it do for your mind and your confidence when you come to a place you’ve had success at?

CHRIS KIRK:  Yeah, I’m definitely comfortable here.  I wouldn’t say I was expecting to play like I did today, but I’ll take a 9 under whenever I can get it, that’s for sure.

Q.  What’s clicking for you?  I know that the equipment changes are tough, but what part of your game do you feel like maybe you’ve got figured out the equipment?

CHRIS KIRK:  Irons have been kind my favorite thing.  I’m currently using Mizuno, their newest blade, the MP-18, that are really good.  But it’s been nice.  I’m still doing some testing, I’m able to use whatever equipment I want right now.  I really love the irons, and thankfully today I was able to make some putts on top of that.

Q.  Do you still feel like you’re an adopted resident here?

CHRIS KIRK:  Absolutely, yeah.  The people here definitely still consider me a local and I’m very thankful for that.  

Q.  How much do you come back here and visit? 

CHRIS KIRK:  I usually try to get back down here with my family obviously for the RSM tournament this week but another two or three times during the year.  This year with the new baby we were only able to come down one other time unfortunately, but we still consider it a second home and we love being here.

Q.  So I know it’s early, but what does it mean to have the family here all together at an event for the first time to you?

CHRIS KIRK:  It’s awesome.  Just being able to go back to the house in a few minutes here and hang out with my boys an my wife, and my mom and dad are here as well, it’s great.  It sure beats a hotel room sitting there by yourself.


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