Q. Brian, great round of golf. You’ve got to be very pleased with that. I see you hit a lot of fairways, but today you missed the very first one and hit the rest of them. That set you up, didn’t it?

BRIAN GAY: Absolutely. You want to be on the fairway out there on the Plantation, especially coming into these small greens. It would be tough out there out of the bermuda catching flyers to the small greens, so it’s always nice to play without a bogey.

Q. This is your kind of course out here, the Plantation, because you kind have to play strategic golf, don’t you?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, you know, last year was the first year I played it and I had a terrible day on it, so I was glad to kind of maybe get back in, get a few birdies out there today. 

Q. Yeah, following the Sanderson Farms you played some pretty good golf. You’re in good form right now, you’re healthy. Don’t you feel the game is really good?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I feel like I’ve been close the last couple weeks just trying to iron a few things out. Like I said, I hit almost every fairway today, so it’s a step in the right direction. 

Q. What do you have to do different at Seaside? It’s a whole different ballgame over there, isn’t it?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah. You actually have a little more room out there, but it can be tough, it’s supposed to be windy tomorrow. The greens are raised up, a little different, a lot different around the greens over there.

Q. When you start at Plantation and you shoot a good round like you did, that kind of sets you up for the week. I mean, you go out and shoot even par over here, you’re behind the eight-ball?

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, yeah, that’s for sure. You definitely feel like you want to get something going on the Plantation, it’s the easier of the two courses. 

Q. Are you excited about the rest of the week?

BRIAN GAY: Absolutely.

Q. You like it here? 

BRIAN GAY: I do, I love Sea Island. We’ve had some good times here, good tournaments. Looking forward to the rest of the week.


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