Q.  Brian Gay, what a terrific opening round, 65 followed up by a 64.  How good does that feel?  Right now you have a two-shot lead. 

BRIAN GAY:  Yeah, I haven’t even looked at the leaderboard.  I saw I was in first position but I didn’t see anybody else’s score.  Great day yesterday and tough day today, I thought, but I was able to hit a number of greens and stay out of trouble and the putter worked well.

Q.  It certainly did, you had seven birdies and just the one bogey.  What really was the strength of your game do you feel these first couple of days?

BRIAN GAY:  I’ve hit a lot of greens and fairways.  I’ve hit the ball, kept it in front of me.  There’s a lot of trouble out here, especially with the wind blowing, so I haven’t had to make too many saves the first couple days and I putted well.

Q.  Well, it’s got to feel good with the closing two rounds on the Seaside course, a good round under your belt.  What’s going to be your game plan for the weekend?

BRIAN GAY:  Yeah, same thing.  I’m not sure about what the wind’s going to do.  I think it may come out of the south tomorrow, so it will be a completely different golf course, haven’t seen that wind all week.  So we’ll have to go and check it out and see what we’ve got to do, a few different lines off the tees maybe, but get the ball in play and take it from there. 

Q.   — varying conditions and courses?

BRIAN GAY:  I’ve hit a lot of fairways and greens the first two days, which is key out here.  The greens are smaller than the Plantation, so if you get it on you’ve got good chances for birdie, and I made some nice putts today.

Q.  I hope you won’t think this is disrespectful, but this is a golf course I would think you would play well and I think your best finish is T4 and you haven’t played here in a couple years.  Do you feel comfortable that this is a golf course that you can be successful?

BRIAN GAY:  I do.  Like you said, I’ve had some good rounds on Seaside, and unfortunately last year I played terrible on Plantation.  That was my first year playing it, and got a little bit of revenge on it yesterday with the 7 under, but I love the Seaside course and I love coming here.

Q.  What’s it about the Seaside course that you feel like or what advantage do you feel like you might have on that golf course going into the weekend with the lead?

BRIAN GAY:  Just playing different shots, keep the ball in front of you, stay out of trouble.  I love bermudagrass greens.  The greens are rolling perfect and that’s kind of what I’m familiar with.

Q.  And how about for your game, maybe you haven’t had the finishes you’ve wanted to have.  How big of a springboard could this be for you at the end of the season and going into next year?

BRIAN GAY:  Yeah, you always want to kind of end the year on a good note and have some good things to think about the next couple months before we start back up again.  So yeah, I love the golf course and I feel like it suits my game well.  I look forward to the weekend.


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