Blayne Barber

Q:  Let’s talk about today.  I followed you that first nine, you had it going.  Things toughened up a little on the back nine, but all in all are you pleased?

BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, absolutely.  That stretch from like 9 to 13’s a little tricky and then some tougher pins coming in.  So I played really well, stayed patient, which is good.  To finish with a birdie is nice.

Q:  I was impressed, your drives were really straight and accurate, your iron play was superb today. 

BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, I feel really in control of my game, and you kind of have to be when there’s no wind like this.  So I think the next two days it’s just going to be an advantage moving forward being able to control my ball flight and stuff.  Looking forward to a little bit of wind to spread things out a little bit on the leaderboard.

Q:  Smaller galleries on the Plantation side, but the Blayne Barber fans were out.  I was walking with them and they were making some noise.  Relatives of yours, right?

BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, we had my parents and sister here, my wife was out there and then just some good friends that care about me and wanted to come watch me from my hometown.

Q:  That’s cool.  They could be there if you have something special happen this weekend. 

BLAYNE BARBER:  Exactly, sounds like a plan.

Q:  What do you think, do you feel good about it, are you excited for this weekend?

BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, it’s what you play for.  You want to be in position to do this.  My game’s been good for a while, but I’m still young, still learning everything.  You’ve just got to keep putting yourself in these positions and then get it done sometime.

Q:  War Eagle.


 Q:  Do you have people from Lake City, Alabama?

BLAYNE BARBER:  Lake City.  I have five or six people from Lake City that came, one from Gainesville.  It’s only two, two and a half hours, easy to get here.

 Q:  Is this a golf tournament or a golf course that going back to your SEC days, did you play well there and is this a place you’ve always expected to play well?

BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, I think it fits my game well.  I think I have a top‑5 and a top‑10 in SECs, I had a chance to win it one year and I really, yeah, I just like it.  I think it fits my game well and I’ve enjoyed playing this golf course.  It’s always in great shape.

Q:  The SEC, you always played all three rounds at the Seaside?

BLAYNE BARBER:  That’s correct.

Q:  Did you want to come over there and play?

BLAYNE BARBER:  I never really thought about it, but then once we came over here and saw it last year, I love the Plantation course.  I think it’s really good.  It’s more scoreable, but there’s some tricky holes as well.  It’s in front of you but you still have to hit the shots well.

Q:  What’s been going well the first two days?

BLAYNE BARBER:  My putter, I’ve made a lot of putts.  I’ve been hitting it well for a while, but converting opportunities just allows you to make more birdies.  So I think the putter, my speed control’s really good.  The greens are perfect, so if you can get a good read on them, your speed’s good, you’re going to make a lot of putts and I think I’ve done that so far.

Q:  Blayne, do you feel like you’re out here to stay?


Q:  I know you want to, but do you feel like you are ‑‑

BLAYNE BARBER:  I do, yeah.  I don’t think I’ve played up to my potential at all the last two years and I’ve kept my card the whole time, so I think that’s a good building block.  I feel like I’m learning.  I’ve learned a lot in my second year so I think I’m ready to go forward and start contending often.


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