Camilo Villegas

Q:  Camilo, you doubled the third hole and then the last 15 holes you go 8 under.  What happened?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Yeah, it was pretty special, especially considering the conditions.  They were playing a lot tougher than the last two days.  Some holes like 13, 14, they were ‑‑ 17, they were tough.  But I doubled No. 3 and I was getting ready to panic a little bit and my brother looked at me and said, Listen, we have almost half of a tournament to play.  It made me think a little bit.  Just kind of made a good par on No. 4 and made birdie on 5, got me going again.  And the back nine was pretty special.  I hit some very good quality shots and the putter got hot.  Obviously, under these conditions to make the amount of birdies I made coming in, you’ve got to roll some good putts and I did.  Greens are perfect.

Q:  26 total putts, 102 feet of putts in one day.  Have you changed anything, new putter or anything because that was pretty special?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  No, no, not really.  You know what, I was very composed out there.  Once again, the greens are rolling beautiful and I felt comfortable with the putter the whole week, and even last week in Mexico I putted nicely.  Just going to come here tomorrow and just be composed and play another 18 holes of golf.

Q:  Manny’s a heck of a player in his own right.  That’s a pretty good guy to have on the bag, isn’t it?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  You know what, I love it.  It’s been a great experience since Wells Fargo this year.  Obviously after his surgery, his elbow hasn’t been great.  Having him on the bag actually has gotten me to know my brother more.  It’s funny I said that because we even lived together for many years, but with our schedules, we’re going in different directions.  Now spending a little time in the hotel rooms and dinners and on the golf course has tightened our relationship, which is nice.

Q:  I walked with you at Wyndham and the FedExCup Playoffs when you won, you know how to win, so tomorrow you know how to take care of this thing.

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Well, let me tell you something, it’s 18 more holes of golf.  I’m feeling good, I’ve been a lot more comfortable than I have been in the last maybe two years, year and a half.  I think it’s all about having the mind in the right place.  Like I said, my shots when I’m calm out there are pretty good and hopefully we can accomplish that tomorrow.  I think the leaderboard is jam packed as always.  We’re playing the PGA Tour, the best players in the world, but I’ve got to wake up tomorrow believing I can do it.  I’ve done it before.  Why not?

Q:  A stellar back nine really for you, especially with those four birdies.  How difficult was it to get that hot with the conditions and the wind?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Definitely playing a lot tougher than the last few days.  And yes, the back nine was pretty special, making birdies 10 and 11.  A little hiccup there on 13, but those four to finish on holes that are ‑‑ especially 17, 17 has some teeth and 18 was a tough pin placement.

The putter got hot.  I was seeing the reads really good.  On a windy day on fast greens, greens are beautiful and after a hiccup on No. 3 making double bogey, I was able to cut the mistakes and just tell myself, listen, there’s a lot of golf to be played and it worked out just fine.

Q:  How much would a win or just a good finish tomorrow mean to you with it being the last official event on the PGA Tour season?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  You know what, I haven’t been in this position in a little bit and I am looking forward.  I’ve always said when PGA Tour winners struggle, and I’ve had a chance to win four times, when we struggle, it goes a little mental.  It’s a little lack of confidence and I’ve been working on that.  I’ve been working on regaining my composure on the golf course and doing what I’m doing and feeling more comfortable with the outcome, either good or bad.  So I’m going to come out tomorrow, do the same thing, play 18 holes of golf and it’s going to be a jam‑packed leaderboard like it always is on the PGA Tour and try to take it home.

Q:  Camilo, how good does it feel to put together the round you did with a double on your card, a bogey and considering that today was a little bit tricky?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Yeah, obviously it was playing a lot tougher today with the wind conditions but the golf course is in great shape.  The greens are rolling so good and I definitely took advantage of that.  I rolled it beautiful.  I did have a little hiccup there on No. 3 and I was getting ready to panic a little bit and my brother looked at me on the fourth hole and said, Listen, man, we have almost half the tournament to play.  Made me think a little bit.  Came back with a nice par on 4, great birdie on 5 and kind of back on track with birdies on 7 and 8.  So I was able to be very composed out there, to enjoy what I was doing, to be very focused and to roll some great putts.  I like the windy conditions and looking forward to testing myself tomorrow and see what I can do.


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