Jamie Lovemark

Q:  How about today, 65, very well could be the low round of the day on a cold Sunday.  How happy are you with that?

JAMIE LOVEMARK:  I’m happy.  Happy we’re done for the season, happy to end on a good note.  It was a really cool start, really windy.  Gosh, it was in the mid 40s.  It’s getting nicer now so the scores might improve.

Q:  You birdied 15, the par 5, and then we thought you had a chance to maybe post a number, were you thinking that if you get to 16 maybe?

JAMIE LOVEMARK:  Yeah, I thought so.  I had an awkward second shot on 16 and kind of bailed out left about 15 feet.  Hit a good putt.  Hit a good putt on 16 and 17 and then birdied 18.  I think yeah, it will be too short but it’s okay.

Q:  Has the wind died down a bit out there?  It seems like it is.

JAMIE LOVEMARK:  Oh, a ton.  It was blowing upwards of 15 this morning.  It was colder, too.  So it’s improving, which is nice for the guys out in front.

Q:  Look back at the year.  You had a chance to win in New Orleans, a little luck you might have one there, but all in all a solid year.  Are you pleased?

JAMIE LOVEMARK:  Yeah, definitely.  I think I was in the final group three times this year, so that’s good for me.  Improving on that, hopefully I can get it done next year.  I’m going to enjoy my six, seven weeks off and put my feet up and chill.

Q:  You’re a Nike guy.  What are you doing equipment‑wise?  Will you take that time to find new sticks or what are you going to do?

JAMIE LOVEMARK:  Hard to say, honestly.  Actually this week I went back to a Nike driver, hit it very well so we’re going to have to reassess probably starting tomorrow and then go from there.  I still have a lot of great Nike stuff and the stuff is awesome for me, worked for me, worked for a lot of guys, so no rush.

Q:  Enjoy the offseason.  I guess the important question, will you keep the mustache?

JAMIE LOVEMARK:  No, just until the end of this month.


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