Q:  Ollie, 4 under today, you got off to a hot start.  Comments on the day. 

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS:  Yeah, it was a great start.  Kind of had a scrappy finish yesterday so it was awesome to come out and get off to a great start.  Hit some really good shots and made some putts.  3 under through those first three holes is stealing at least three shots I think.  So got off to a great start, game felt good.  I feel like I’m playing awesome and I’m sniffing a low round every day out there.  So three good rounds and one more good one tomorrow and see where that puts me.

Q:  A little tougher today, right?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS:  Yeah, this is what I typically remember this place being like, probably 15‑, 20‑mile an hour winds out of the west and it changes the course completely.  For some guys, it’s a real challenge playing this course without wind.

Q:  You won on the Web last year.  Not off to a great start missing three cuts, but how much could this week turn it around for you?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS:  Yeah, out here the thing is if you’re good, one week can just turn around everything.  You’re better off missing three cuts and then getting a top‑10 than you are getting four 30th places.  Out here it’s about capitalizing on your opportunities when you have them, so that’s what I plan on doing tomorrow and this week.  Yeah, one week can change your whole year.

Q:  Just your comfort level here in Georgia?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS:  Yeah, I’m comfortable down here.  I’ve been down here, played here in high school a lot and I played some big tournaments here in high school and have my family and friends here.  It’s just an area I’m familiar with and it’s a drive away.  I’ve got my car.  It’s cool to be on the PGA Tour in my home state.

Q:  Any success from those tournaments in high school?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS:  Yeah, I actually won a junior tournament at Seaside.

Q:  Going low?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS:  I won by 10 when I was 16, but I hadn’t played it since then.  I haven’t played it in seven years.


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