Blayne Barber

Q:  It’s been like obviously pretty crazy. 

BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, it has.  It’s been really fun.  I played great today.  I’ve had some really good looks the last five or six holes I’ve played and just the greens are tricky to read, kind of where the pins are.  So glad to still have a chance in the morning.

Q:  What’d you see on that birdie try, that last putt?

BLAYNE BARBER:  I thought I made that one because based off Billy’s in regulation and some of the putts I saw, I thought it was going to be pretty straight and it just broke off.  So it’s hard when it’s pitch black to see what it’s going to do.

Q:  How proud are you of yourself considering where you were that final nine and to be able to kind of steer the ship into the playoff?

BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, absolutely.  I didn’t look at boards all day so I was able to kind of stay focused on what I was doing, kind of just keep the blinders on.  I was obviously nervous, I knew I was somewhere near the lead.  So I played a great back nine and I’m really proud of that.

Q:  What do you think the energy’s going to be like for you to tomorrow as the playoff continues?

BLAYNE BARBER:  It’ll be fun.  I’m only about two hours from where I grew up so I have a lot of friends and family here.  It’s nice to start on a par 3, just wake up, hit a 6‑iron close and see what we can do.


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