Q. 2-under par, a shame that you didn’t convert that last birdie, but your thoughts on how the course played today on Seaside?

WEBB SIMPSON:  It was difficult.  I felt like the later we got in the day, the more the wind blew and it got a little cooler.  We had a bunch of crosswinds today, which made it, I think, a little more difficult than maybe it was yesterday.  But good solid day, as you said.  I don’t know what the leader is, but I’m sure I’m in pretty good position going into the weekend.

Q. The leader right now is at 13, Brian Gay, shot a terrific 64 out there today. Looks to me like your putting is really starting to pick up, you’ve settled into your new method.  Talk a little bit about your feelings about the putting. 

WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, I’ve been putting well all year.  I feel like I’m continuing to get better and it’s probably been the most consistent part of my game this year.  Yeah, golf’s always more enjoyable when the putts are going in.


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