Ryan Blaum

Q. What a little run you got on, Ryan, with five birdies in a row. Tell me about that.

RYAN BLAUM: Yeah, you know, early this morning it was so cold out here, I think it was getting close to the frost level. The first few holes of the day you’re just kind of trying to survive. Then the back nine warmed up, swing kind of warmed up, and Jason and I, we kind of fed off each other. I think I reeled off five in a row and almost got the last one, and Jason I think got the last four. So, I mean, we just kind of had fun out there today.

Q. You staked it tight on 13, then I thought you were in a little trouble at 14, had a chip. Son of a gun, you bang that in and then you just took off from there, a chip in birdie at 14. Always a good way to get a birdie run.

RYAN BLAUM: Yeah, I actually used my putter from about 12 feet off the green. I was a little into the grain. I remember actually watching Bryson hole that last year and I just for some reason had that in my head. I even remembered the break, so I was able to hole it.

Q. Were you aware that you were making five in a row, or were you so in the moment that it was just letting it flow?

RYAN BLAUM: I was really just in the moment. My caddie and I talked about how like that bunker shot on the last hole would have been six in a row, but neither one of us realized it. I think just having fun out there with Jason, Jason Gore, just made the day relaxing.

Q. I thought it was pretty bold taking on that flagstick and hole location cut right over the bunker at 17 as well.

RYAN BLAUM: Yeah, you know, my natural shot’s a little draw and the wind was pushing it a little left, so I figured if I hit it right at it, it’s not going to go right of it. As long as I hit it solid, it was enough and it turned out well.

Q. Your thoughts going into the weekend?

RYAN BLAUM: Just going to keep doing what I’m doing, that’s it. Have some fun.


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