Peter Uihlein

Q. Just talk about conditions today.

PETER UIHLEIN: It’s hard, it’s windy, it was cold. I was talking to Aaron Oberholser on 18 and he said he was at Plantation most of the day and he says 10, 15 degrees warmer. Looking forward to getting out there tomorrow.

Q. Tied for round of the day on this course. What did you do special today?

PETER UIHLEIN: I just kept the ball in play. When it’s this windy and this tough, just being able to get it off the tee and having a chance to hit the green and missing in the right spots. You’re not going to blitz it, but you’re not trying to do anything to really kind of mess up. So I just kept it in front of me all day, made some nice par putts and holed some nice putts for birdie, so it was good.

Q. Any kind of different mindset for the course tomorrow?

PETER UIHLEIN: I mean, you just kind of look at the board and see that the scores are lower. You’ve got two extra par 5s, which help; you’ve got a drivable hole, which is nice. So you know it’s the course that you’ve got to make birdies on, so it will be good.


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