Kyle Stanley

Q:  Kyle, beautiful day, beautiful scorecard.  Your thoughts on today, man?

KYLE STANLEY:  Thank you.  Yeah, really happy with that.  Scoring‑wise, you probably couldn’t have asked for better conditions.  The Plantation course played pretty soft green‑wise and not a whole lot of wind, so pretty ideal day for some low scores.

Q:  Now, our crew’s been kind of debating, would you rather have the Seaside or the Plantation course on a day like today?

KYLE STANLEY:  Oh, boy, I’m not sure it really matters.  You’re going to have to play them both at some point.  I’m not sure what the wind was like over there.  Overall, I don’t really have a preference.

Q:  And the game’s been trending in the right direction.  Any secrets?

KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, no, it has.  Not really.  I just feel like maybe, you know, sometimes your work doesn’t pay off as soon as you would like it to.  Obviously I had a stretch there where I wasn’t playing very well but kept working.  I seem to be kind of on my way out of that, so overall really happy with how I’m doing.

Q:  7 under to start the tournament at the Plantation course.  Just a continuation of this good run you’re on.

KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah.  In fact, I’ve definitely been playing a little bit better.  Scoring‑wise, pretty ideal conditions, not much wind, soft greens, but overall pretty happy with the day.

Q:  What was the moment for you, because obviously when you came out, you won and everyone got excited about Kyle Stanley and then you had a lull.  You’re resurging again.  What was the turning point to you getting it back on the right path?

KYLE STANLEY:  You know, over your career it’s kind of a given you’re going to have some low points, or some highs and lows.  Either way, you’ve just got to I think commit to working.  I’ve done that and I kind of feel like I’m on my way out of it, which is nice.  When the confidence goes, it just takes some time to get it back.  Starting to feel a lot better, maybe feeling a little bit like my old self again on the golf course, which is really positive.


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