Kevin Kisner

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. How would you rate today’s performance compared to yesterday’s?
KEVIN KISNER: I think they’re probably on page with each other. A lot more difficult. Getting close to the hole makes it difficult. A lot of crosswinds, so makes it challenging off the tee.

Q. Is there a favorite of the two?
KEVIN KISNER: I’m always kind of liking the Sea Side more. Just of played more there and played a lot of competition rounds, there so I’m more comfortable on that golf course.

Q. On the subject of being comfortable, you’ve been in the mix several times on the PGA TOUR. Move now to the weekend, and once you’re again in the mix. How much more comfortable do you feel compared to a year ago?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, way more comfortable. Just over in China coming down the stretch, having a chance to win, it was more exciting than nervous.

So you know you’ve been there a lot and you know you performed well, so hopefully different outcome this weekend.

Q. And finally, as you look back on 2015, are you more proud of the fact that you’ve been in the mix or more disappointed you haven’t quite closed the deal?
KEVIN KISNER: No, it’s all positive for me. Just shows the hard work over the last couple years is paying off. Able to perform down the stretch in pressure situations, that’s what we live for and that’s why we practice so much and that’s what I am building on.

Q. I get the feeling by watching you, you putt the entire round, there are a few more probably there for.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I didn’t make everything today. Greens are a little slow for the wind conditions and had trouble getting it to the hole or feeling like I had to hit it, which I always struggle with.

Good to be able to work on that this afternoon and hopefully make some more putts tomorrow.

Q. I’ll tell you the one you did make at No. 8. What a fantastic up and down to save par there. Tell us about that shot and when you realized it went over.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, you know, I played this course numerous times, and you can’t go at that pin. I was feeling good and hitting it close on every hole and I go right at it and fly it over the green. Kicking myself all away up there.

I told my caddie before I hit it, I said, What do you think? 25-1 to get it up and down? He just shook his head, and I got it up and down. It was a huge putt to keep the momentum going.

Q. The wind, talk about that factor. It was all day long.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, it was fun. Any time the wind blows like that it makes it more difficult. The hard part is all the crosswinds, trying to get it to — how much is it gonna move it and how far of do I start it?

Once you get going you can kind of get a feel for it, but early it’s tough. I managed that well.

Q. 3-under par, first page of the leaderboard. Have to be happy about that?
KEVIN KISNER: Absolutely. Got all my family and friends down here and we’re having a good time, so hopefully I give them some good golf.


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