Q.  Let’s talk about this.  Perfect conditions, and for you with your length I would think Plantation sets up pretty good?

JASON KOKRAK:  Yeah, it does.  There’s three, four, five holes on that golf course where you’ve got to play safe and try to make your pars.  Good par 3s.  Tough wind.  The angles change here and there, but the par 5s are all gettable and I made a couple of putts and really stuck to my game plan.  D‑Rob read the greens great and been working hard with Drew Steckel and finally starting to come together, hitting the ball a little bit better.

Q.  The wind kind of died down towards the end, don’t you think?  It was a little tougher earlier in the round?

JASON KOKRAK:  Yeah, I think it was.  That flag up here by the putting green was howling actually the other direction, but it was windier and it died down and made for really good scoring conditions.

Q.  When you play Plantation, especially in the opening round, do you feel like I’ve got to go low because that kind of sets you up for the week?

JASON KOKRAK:  Well, I think you don’t have to go super low but you’ve got to put yourself in good position.  There’s 54 more holes to play and you’re playing the other golf course all three rounds.  You know, it can bite you.  You can play great over there, too.  They’re both good golf courses and they’re in fantastic shape.

Q.  I saw you play just a few holes, but seems like you’re hitting it pretty good.  Do you feel pretty good?  I detect a little confidence right now.

JASON KOKRAK:  Yeah, I found a nice little swing thought on the range after last week.  You know, last week was tough with the high winds, a little bit of rain.  If you’re not in top form, it will definitely bite you in the butt there.  But found a nice little swing thought on the range Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon and I feel pretty good.

Q.  Nice out now versus when you first got out this morning and kind of what the conditions were like when you finished?

JASON KOKRAK:  It definitely was windier this morning.  It died down middle of the round.  It made the par 5s gettable and made this swing between 10 and 14 a little bit more playable.  I could play it a little bit more safe, hit 3‑wood off 10 and 3‑iron off of 13 there.  Stuck to my game plan, was aggressive where I could be, and when I had the right club and played to the middle of greens, had some nice par saves when I had nice putts.  Just it’s game plan, there’s a lot of golf level left and just trying to have fun in the last event of the year.

Q.  The best finish that you had here, I believe it was 2014 and obviously then you didn’t play two courses, so what is it about your strategy on Plantation that seems to agree with you?

JASON KOKRAK:  Well, I think it’s a little bit easier of a golf course.  There’s definitely the par 5s are all gettable.  There’s still some tough holes, though.  There’s places where you definitely have to play safe.  But I think both golf courses are gettable if you’re hitting it well, but both golf courses can play pretty tough depending on how you’re hitting it. 

Same game plan tomorrow, just try and hit the fairways and give myself some decent opportunities every hole.  So if I can hit most of the greens out here, it’s definitely a plus, I’m rolling it pretty good.

Q.  How easy or difficult is it to get motivated for the final week of the year?

JASON KOKRAK:  You know, I think it’s fairly easy to get motivated.  I mean, every tournament’s giving away a lot of money and every tournament has a lot at stake.  You get to go to Maui, you get to go to the Masters here, so there’s a lot of pluses to come out of this week and just play well one last good push before a couple weeks off.


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