Graeme McDowell

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. With official events on both tours under your belt now for 2015 and the way you played last two weeks, are you exiting this year with momentum, in your opinion?
GRAEME MCDOWELL: I think so. I’m exiting with a lot more than I’d hoped for coming into these couple weeks. My game has been in decent shape the last few months, but I came away from Turkey, my last event in Europe, with not a lot to show for myself.

I kept kind of throwing it away on the weekends despite the fact that I knew I was starting to sort of building some confidence and momentum.

So these two weeks have been so big for me on many levels. Like you said, gives me something to really take into the off-season, something to build on in the new year.

Q. Talk about the guy this won today who has come close many times. You were out there with him. How impressive of a player has he become?
GRAEME MCDOWELL: Yeah, first time I think I’ve ever played with him. Didn’t realize just how kind of steady he was. He played really aggressive today for a guy who has never won a golf tournament.

It wasn’t particularly easy out there at times. He hit driver a few holes where you could have been forgiven for hitting 3-woods off.

He played aggressively, ver uncomplicated, kind of and got up there and hit his shots. No, I really, really impressed. First nine holes really wasn’t how I had drawn things up in my head.

I was thinking if I could get a couple under early on that I might have some sort of a shot, but he closed the door early on and it was impressive.


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