Freddie Jacobson

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. The birdie opportunities on 18 seemed to be pretty a big putt for you and the rest of the season. Get to keep your card.
FREDDIE JACOBSON: Yeah, I kind of knew. I mean, that was a tricky putt, too. It was a along long putt and a lot of break, and kind of looking walking up I knew I had to make that putt.

It was kind of tough run because I didn’t miss a green after the first hole until 16. I ended up in a divot in the downslope. I had perfect yardage for a gap wedge, but I was in a deep divot and kind of took a bogey out of when you think you’re going to go up there and give yourself a chance for birdie.

Then had a 10-footer for par on the second to last hole. I knew I had t make that to really give myself a chance to lock it up this week.

Was fortunate enough to knock that in, and then I thought it would really seal the deal if I could birdie the last. Luckily made a slinger from right to left there. Super exciting to see that go in.

Q. Well, it’s great to see our there too. With the break coming up, family will help you celebrate it even more. You’ve got a big smile on your face.
FREDDIE JACOBSON: Yeah, I mean, they’re all in Cabo. I’m heading there to meet up with everybody. We got another family, our friends, that are there that we’re staying with in a house out there for Thanksgiving for a week to ten days.

So this is brilliant, to have a chance to go out there and just enjoy a break, see everybody, hang with the family for a week. It was an a lot of work the last four months for me from coming back from Max’s heart surgery until the first start and then playing five out of six weeks.

Really have to dig deep to do what we managed to do. Very, very happy.


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