Q:  You kind of hung in there with a lot of pars and then got to the back nine and made a bunch of birdies?

C.T. PAN:  Yeah, I started with bogey, I three‑putted.  I mean, I feel my game’s good, I hit it good.  I gave myself a lot of chances out there today, so that was good.  Yeah, I was happy, shoot a couple under with such a windy conditions, so that was a good day for me.

Q:  Talk about the conditions out there.  Got a little tough there on the back nine?

C.T. PAN:  It was hard.  It was hard on the back nine, especially the holes along the ocean.  It was blowing at least 15 miles, the ball was drifting 30 miles with my drive so it was hard.  It was also fun to play and I was glad I played well there.

Q:  After a slow start, how were you able to turn things around today?

C.T. PAN:  You know, it happens.  Golf is a tough game.  It wasn’t too bad, I just three‑putted, didn’t get the speed right on my first putt and my second putt I hit it the way I wanted, I misread it.  So I told myself to hang in there, still a lot of holes left so I was glad I finished with 3 under today.

Q:  What’s your biggest takeaway from your round today?

C.T. PAN:  Obviously I’m hitting good.  I hit a lot of fairways and greens and gave myself a lot of chances out there and hopefully I can do that tomorrow.  Even under windy conditions, I still hit the shots I wanted to so that was good.

Q:  What was it like being in the final group for the first time on the PGA Tour?

C.T. PAN:  It was great.  I always want to be in contention, that’s why I play golf for a living.  It was great and it was my first time and it was a pretty good memory.  I finished with 3 under so give myself another good look tomorrow.

Q:  Did you prove anything to yourself today?

C.T. PAN:  Yeah, like I said yesterday, I feel much comfortable out there so that was good.  And it’s very important to feel comfortable out there so you can play your best out here because guys are really good.


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