Cameron Champ

JOHN BUSH: We would like to welcome Cameron Champ into the interview room. A 4 under par 66 and you’ll enter the final round trailing Charles Howell III by just one stroke. Cameron, if we can just get some comments on your round today.

CAMERON CHAMP: I haven’t really got off to a great start so far on the Seaside, 7 through 11 or 12 have kind of been my good holes. I just stayed positive. I’m rolling it rolling the ball the best I ever have, and I’m also hitting good quality shots, so I know I’m going to have enough looks throughout the round. I did that, I made the putts when I needed to, and obviously capped it off on 18 with a nice birdie to get within one.

Q. Jason and Charles haven’t won in a decade and you’re you won less than a month ago. How big of an edge is that for you?

CAMERON CHAMP: I wouldn’t say it’s so much of an edge, obviously it’s just having the experience. Like I said, it was so soon, it was only three weeks ago. But I’ve been playing well, and I kind of learned that in Vegas I just kind of pushed things a little too much and tried to do too much when I really didn’t need to. Tomorrow I’m just going to play like I have been. Even if I’m a few over through my first few holes, I’m just going to keep pushing. Like I said, it’s probably the best I’ve ever putted. Feeling comfortable on the greens and I’m just comfortable on this course in general, so I feel like I can get a run going.

Q. The way the course is playing, do you have a number in mind tomorrow or are you just going to be aggressive?

CAMERON CHAMP: No, I don’t have a number. I feel if I play like I have been and minimize the mistakes from today, today I made a few silly mistakes and I think I had seven birdies today, so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. Like I said, just try to minimize those small mistakes.

Q. Cameron, two questions. What one shot do you think irritated you the most and which one shot do you think pleased you the most?

CAMERON CHAMP: Probably the approach shot on 4. It was a simple, it was only like 157 yards. I knew where that pin was, you’ve just got to be like a flagstick left. I just got really quick and just hit a small block barely. That one just kind of bugged me knowing you have like a wedge or 9 iron in. I think what really got me going was probably the putt on 9. I got a few good reads from I think I don’t know who I was behind on that hole.

Q. Charlie?

CAMERON CHAMP: Oh, yeah, Charlie. I got a read and made the putt and then made a great putt on 10. That one kind of had some pace going, but it went right in the center. Like I said, making that putt on 9 got me going.

Q. Along those lines and what you were saying earlier, I realize it’s Saturday and it was only early, but when you drop all of a sudden 5 shots behind, is there any type of goal by the end of the day?

CAMERON CHAMP: No. I mean, it was just kind of the same thing yesterday as well, kind of got off I think I was 1 over through five holes, sort of the same thing.

But I’m playing well so I know that I mean, at that point I feel like you have 12, 13 holes left, there’s plenty of birdie opportunities, especially on the back side. I mean, you’re hitting in the fairway and you’re having mid irons to just about every single hole. I just stayed positive, which I’ve done very well this week. Even like I said, some of the silly mistakes I made, I just haven’t really let them get to me, which is good, and just kept pushing.

Q. What did you have for your second on the par 5 into 15?

CAMERON CHAMP: 15, we had 186, and yeah, it was 179, I think 186 hole.

Q. Which club was that?

CAMERON CHAMP: I tried to hit a little 6 iron. It was kind of an uphill lie, but I should have hit 7. Just the way it came off, came off so low, kind of went straight through the wind. That was kind of those ones we were kind of indecisive, picked one and went with it.

Q. And still made 4?

CAMERON CHAMP: Still made 4.

Q. What did you hit on 18?

CAMERON CHAMP: I hit 8 iron.

Q. How far?

CAMERON CHAMP: We had 184, kind of a cross breeze. I just thought I would hit a full out 8 iron, which for me that’s right around kind of low 180 shot, just put it in the back of my stance a little bit and try to get a little bit extra out of it.

Q. Is that 2/3 iron, is that a new club or is that just one you put in the bag this week that you had before?

CAMERON CHAMP: No, we built it this week. Yeah, I can’t really remember exact loft, but it’s a very strong 2 iron. Like I said, it kind of takes away from my 3 wood just the flight wise, which I like this week. It’s easier to get in the fairway, so it’s been working out.

Q. How many SECs did you play here?

CAMERON CHAMP: I want to say three. Three, because I didn’t play my freshman year.

Q. Was there one big thing you learned from that previous experience that’s playing off this week?

CAMERON CHAMP: I would just say just the conditions, the course. You know, it rewards good play. Obviously if you’re kind of struggling out here, you can get off very quickly, so that’s kind of how I’ve approached it. Just hit your fairways, hit your greens and take your putts when they come.

Q. In however many rounds you’ve played, 30 or so rounds in your fall start here, have you found a difference in conversation when you’re paired with someone in their 20s compared to someone who’s older?

CAMERON CHAMP: What’s the question again?

Q. In the rounds you’ve played, have you found just the conversation on the course different when you’re paired with someone closer to not your age but in the 20s compared to an insurance salesman?

CAMERON CHAMP: I would say they’re definitely more outgoing because I’m a quiet guy in general. Some of the young guys, if I don’t know them very well, I’ll just stick to myself or we’ll have conversations here and there. Obviously playing with this gentleman back here, yeah, it’s just easier. Like you said, they’re more outgoing, a lot more conversation and just a little more enjoyable.

JOHN BUSH: Perfect. Cameron, we appreciate your time, best of luck tomorrow.


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