Cameron Champ

Q. Cameron, a lot of quality golf shots out there today, none better than your hole out for eagle on the 18th. Tell me about that.

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, it was an errant second shot, but I left myself in the right spot. Just hit a good quality pitch shot and luckily it just trickled in there.

Q. Yeah, really gave you juice going into your inward nine. Lost a couple drives to your right coming in. Is that a problem or easily fixable, or just playing in tough conditions in wind?

CAMERON CHAMP: Just tough conditions, tight and whatnot. I’ll try to go figure it out on the range, but I think my body doesn’t really function well in coldness. So I’ll just try and stay as warm as I can and move it around and stuff like that.

Q. I know you had some back problems in college, I saw you doing stretches out there. Is the back fine? Did you get a twinge at all?

CAMERON CHAMP: Oh, no, the back’s fine. I was just trying to stay loose, it’s so cold out here.

Q. Cameron, I know the day started off kind of poorly for you, but you came around kind of well on the Plantation course today.

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, you know, it was just an errant shot and I just left myself in a very tough spot. I knew I was playing well leading up to the back side, coming in with that stretch I made with three birdies and an eagle. I just tried to keep it in play off the tee. That’s the main thing on this course I feel like this week, you’ll be able to give yourself some more chances and I was able to do that for the most part the rest of the round.

Q. I was going to ask you, how much do you need to kind of control and have a handle on your aggression here knowing that being too aggressive on both of these courses at times can get you into some trouble?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, definitely. Length on this course is pretty much irrelevant. I’m just trying to find the fairways and middle of the greens and take my 20 footers and having to push or pull one to the pin, I’ll take it. So that’s kind of my approach this week. Obviously if we have the same weather conditions tomorrow, it’s going to be the same thing and just take my odds.

Q. What’s going on in your brain when you’re walking to the 11th tee?

CAMERON CHAMP: Well, obviously frustration, but it’s the first hole, so I have 17 more holes. I think prior in my golfing career I probably would have went very south from there, but like I said, we had 17 holes and plenty of golf to make it up. I mean, today my goal was somewhere around even par, maybe 1 under. I mean, with the conditions we had in the morning, wasn’t looking too good, so I was able to exceed that and looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Is he the first member of the World Golf Hall of Fame you’ve played with?

CAMERON CHAMP: I believe so, yes. In a tournament, yes.

Q. And how was it? Did you watch him as a kid?

CAMERON CHAMP: Definitely yes. I mean, I don’t remember much as a kid. Obviously Tiger was the big boom. So I definitely watched him on TV over the years and in high school, so it was definitely a joy to play with him and see his game.

Q. What happens to you guys when you went birdie, birdie, birdie, eagle, par, birdie? What’s going on with you know, the percent of the people who play golf never do something like that. What goes on with you guys when that starts going?

CAMERON CHAMP: It’s just putting quality shots together really, and momentum a little bit. The chip in, what are your odds of chipping that in really. So I just hit a good quality shot and luckily got the skip and bounce right and it went in. Then same kind of on my back side, the front side, just hit good quality shots and left myself in good places to make putts. For us, you know, it sounds a lot easier than I’m explaining it, but it’s just about putting just positioning really and giving ourselves good 10 to 12 foot looks.

Q. And what was it like to play with a World Golf Half of Famer?

CAMERON CHAMP: It was fun. Like I said, I’ve watched him over the years and I’ve gotten to meet him a few times. It was good to play with him obviously on this track today with how tough it was and it was fun.


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