Brice Garnett

Q. Lovely 65, although perhaps I know you would like to have that putt back on 18 that just slipped by for three birdies in a row to finish.

BRICE GARNETT: Yeah, it was an easy putt. I don’t know if I just pulled it or misread it, I don’t know. But wonderful day, kind of got myself back in it a little bit. Looks like Charles had another good day. I hit a lot of good shots and good to see some birdies on the board.

Q. Absolutely, a little bit easier conditions. You had it tough yesterday on the Seaside in that weather.

BRICE GARNETT: It was. I knew yesterday an even par round was a pretty good round over there. Today I knew that if the weather wind was a little bit lighter today on Plantation, you could go get it. We took advantage of a lot of good opportunities and put ourselves in a good position.

Q. For sure. And how important is it, as you well know, to get off to a good start in the fall part of the wraparound schedule?

BRICE GARNETT: Yeah, it’s a huge advantage if you can go out and put up a good couple top 10s or something, kind of get some momentum. Had a good week last week in Mexico finishing 5th, and just trying to build on it and try to get up into that top 30 going into the regular season.


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