Brian Harman

Q. Brian, different scores on both sides, does that 4 under over there feel like maybe a 6 or 7 under at Plantation?

BRIAN HARMAN: You know, it’s kind of apples to oranges. Obviously Seaside’s a more difficult course and was playing more difficult today, but just happy to get off to a good start in the tournament and look forward to tomorrow.

Q. Right now you’re the only one in the top 10 who’s finished who played at Seaside.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it will all even out tomorrow. We get Plantation tomorrow and Plantation’s in great shape. I’ll look to try to make a few birdies over there, but I’ll just try to shoot the lowest score I can.

Q. If you hit every fairway in a round, you’re going to shoot a good number, aren’t you?

BRIAN HARMAN: That helps, it certainly helps.

Q. What was the highlight today, what do you think?

BRIAN HARMAN: Just having a little bit more command over my ball striking. I had a good couple days in Mexico and then wheels kind of fell off, so it was nice to get off to a good start. Just kind of felt in command of my golf ball today.

Q. Did the wind get better as the day went on?

BRIAN HARMAN: No, it got worse. I thought it got worse and worse as the day went on. You kept thinking we got a little break there our 10th and 11th hole today, the sun popped up, it got a little warm, the wind died a little bit, but it cooked the rest of the back nine.


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