Q. Brendon, talk about today’s round and just the conditions and the difference between the first two days.

BRENDON de JONGE:  Yeah, you know, obviously yesterday we started out, we had a little bit of wind and it completely died.  Today it started out pretty calm and then when we got around those 13, 14, 15 ocean holes, it actually started blowing pretty hard.   

Q. What did you do to combat that, what worked for you? Kind of had a bit of a crazy round, you had an eagle, you had a double, you had some birdies thrown in there?

BRENDON de JONGE:  I made a couple nice par-saving putts, which was good.  I drove it in a lot of fairways as well, which you kind of have to do

Q. You’ve been close here before, this place seems to get along with you. So for you, what is it that — what comfort level do you feel when you come here, and how do you feel like your chances of getting it done on the weekend?

BRENDON de JONGE:  You know, I’ve always felt very, very comfortable down here.  I’ve spent a lot of time, my management’s group down here so it’s always been a place that I look forward to going to.  It’s a fun week.  I stay with a good friend of mine, Mike Taylor, on the beach and it’s always very laid back.  Golf kind of takes a back seat once we’re done.  So I’m looking forward to the weekend.  Obviously I have absolutely no form going in so expectation levels are very low, but that can be a good thing sometimes

Q. What do you think when you think back at the times you were close here that maybe it will go differently to change the result?

BRENDON de JONGE:  Yeah, definitely.  I have the comfort level with this golf course as well.  (Inaudible.)


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