Jason Kokrak

Q:  5‑under 65 on the Seaside course.  You’re off to a good start after 36, nice position to be in.  Just talk about your round today and what was firing for you.

JASON KOKRAK:  You know, yesterday I finished my round pretty solid.  I hit a couple fairways coming down the stretch and putted really good last week, so I think it’s kind of continued this week.  Not making quite as many but hitting it a little bit better.  The short iron game feels good.  Just ball striking in general, it feels pretty solid.  I’m just giving myself a lot of opportunities and really not putting myself in really bad spots.  Getting a couple lucky breaks here and there.

Q:  I was going to say you played pretty nicely last week, four rounds under par in Mexico and finished 15th.  But the putting, was it something you were working on to make that come around?

JASON KOKRAK:  Yeah, I’ve been really struggling with my putting I would say the last few months.  In the Playoffs I putted okay but hit it really, really well, so that’s why I played so well in the Playoffs.  Just got my right hand a little bit further underneath and not so much ‑‑ just a little bit more inline and that’s really helped to just get the putter to open and close the way it’s supposed to.  The other way I just felt a little bit tense and this just freed me up a little bit.

Q:  Lastly, you mentioned the Playoffs.  You had a really good year last year.  Coming into this season, any expectation or something that you want to do that you haven’t done?

JASON KOKRAK:  Obviously the big thing is win.  I think everybody expects me to win as long as I hit it.  It’s just putting all the pieces together.  I’ve put myself in that position, I’ve played well under pressure, I just haven’t quite gotten it done.  But I’m happy being out here on tour doing what I’m doing and making what I’m making, so I’m very pleased with what I’m doing.  I just need to crack that winner’s circle.  And I think playing a little bit more consistent is I think a little bit more key for me, and putting myself in that place a little bit more often and just not really getting too ahead of myself.  Not just going out there and trying to shoot nothing the first two rounds because there’s only one or two guys that do that and then they normally come back to the field a little bit.  If I put four rounds under par, I’m normally right in the mix.

Q:  Sea Island is a pretty laid‑back pace and you’re a pretty laid‑back character, that would be a good combination to do it this week.

JASON KOKRAK:  I’m definitely a laid‑back guy.


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