Q.  You have a history of going low on this golf course, what’s it like for you?

KEVIN KISNER:  Well, just experience.  I played it numerous times and feel really comfortable off the tee and around the greens, so it’s almost like a second‑home track and that’s why I feel so comfortable.

Q.  I had a chance to talk to your swing coach John Tillery, he said how much you are really hungry (inaudible.)  How do you feel coming into this weekend?

KEVIN KISNER:  You know, I didn’t have many expectations, not playing much golf.  Just working with him a little bit on some stuff to kind of improve on.  Kind of got off to a decent start and started feeling good, and looking forward to seeing what happens tomorrow.  We’ll get some bad weather probably and I’ll need another low round, but I’m excited about the way the game’s come back.

Q.  I think there is going to be some wind tomorrow and that leads to my next question, which is you’ve played this golf course in a lot of different conditions.  How do you change your mindset when the wind is blowing?

KEVIN KISNER:  Well, being at least 5 back probably, I’m going to have to shoot low tomorrow.  So even though the wind’s up, I’m still going to have to make birdies when the opportunity is given.  Hopefully I’ll make a few that aren’t expected, so who knows what can happen, but right now I’m a little too far back.


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