Jon Curran

Sea Island, Georgia

Q. Well done.
JON CURRAN: Yeah, no, I had a great day. Conditions were tough. This course is — I mean, you look at the scoreboard and you think it might be a little bit easier, but there are a lot of tough shots out there and daunting tee shots.

So it was nice to find the greens and get in the fairway.

Q. Two groups ahead, the final group. You scoreboard watching a bit and thinking, Wow, I have to do something miraculous here?
JON CURRAN: I mean, yeah. I wasn’t really looking at the scoreboard, and when I did it was probably through 10 or 11 holes. Saw Kisner was up at like 20-under par or something, so I knew wasn’t much you could I could do about that.

No, I was having a good time. I played with Duff and David Hearn. It was a good day.

Q. Back to you. What does this do for your game going into the break here and into January?
JON CURRAN: You know, it’s really nice to find something on the greens. I’ve been putting welling from a four to eight feet I’ve been really good for the last year.

There are times where I don’t make anything outside of ten feet, and I’ve been making a lot of putts outside of ten foot in the last probably month and a half. Makes you feel good going into the off-season.


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