Dru Love

Q. Awesome job there down the stretch, birdies on 7 and 8. A little bit about those two birdies and what it means to make the cut this week.

DRU LOVE: Yeah, I had some thoughts running through my head. I’ve been super close on all my starts on the PGA TOUR, I feel like I’m one or two shots missing the cut the last few times. So you start thinking about that again and it gets a little stressful.

My caddie, Bill Harke, helped me out a lot. I knew that there were birdie holes coming up. When you’ve got 6, 7, 8, 9 downwind, you can birdie some of those holes. I’ve played this golf course a thousand times, so I told myself to just stay patient, wait for the downwind holes, and I knew I could do it. It feels so good to do it, especially in front of all my family.

Q. Have a hug and a kiss there from your mom, who’s in tears. Means an awful lot, I know.

DRU LOVE: Yeah, it’s just been a struggle the last few months. I’ve been close, I won the State open and then missed the cut, won a tournament and then missed the cut. I just haven’t been able to get it on the PGA TOUR yet. I made a cut two cuts a couple seasons ago and now one here. So just a good start to the season for me, my first one of this calendar year, so I hope I can do some damage this weekend and try to get a better finish.


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