The Seaside Terraces


Enjoy The RSM Classic with our exciting and new all-inclusive hospitality offering:  The Seaside Terraces.  The Seaside Terraces provide a strolling hospitality experience with multiple viewing venues located on the Seaside Course. Grab and Go food selections and full bar service included.

The Seaside Terraces** Ticket Details:

  • Multiple viewing platforms located in strategic locations on the seaside course at Sea Island Golf Club
  • Complimentary food and beverages, including daily Grab & Go menu items and complimentary full bar service.
  • Access to private restroom facilities at #17 Venue
  • Flexible ticket packages available, including both daily and weekly* options


*Weekly Seaside Terraces Packages include VIP Valet Parking.  To purchase a weekly package, please contact John McKenzie at [email protected] or 912-634-3268.

**A limited number of tickets are available to The Seaside Terraces and this is a special “welcome back” price. Pricing will increase after September 30th.  Please make sure you are a part of this year’s Seaside Tradition by purchasing your tickets today.

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