Player Interviews


Mackenzie Hughes

Q:  We would like to welcome the RSM Classic champion, Mackenzie Hughes.  Mackenzie, from Thursday on just incredible play this week and to cap it off in that fashion out there making that clutch [...]

Mackenzie Hughes

Q:  Well, it was a three‑hole playoff that spanned two days and it was worth the wait for Mackenzie Hughes.  How did you get it done today? MACKENZIE HUGHES:  It was a real fight.  You know, this [...]

Camilo Villegas

Q:  Camilo, great week, obviously disappointing.  What do you take away from this week? CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Yeah, it was a very positive week.  A lot of things heading the right direction.  [...]


Q:  Not the best shot but you must be very happy with your week’s work. HENRIK NORLANDER:  Yeah, absolutely.  Obviously disappointing, but I didn’t hit a good shot.  I hit a good [...]


Q:  A disappointing finish but a great week.  Take me through the playoff hole today. BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, I just was trying to be really aggressive, I just wanted to hit it close.  Just read [...]

Camilo Villegas

Q:  What the day and the playoff was like today? CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Yeah, you know what, it was a good day.  I was very patient out there the whole day.  Nothing kind of went my way until the last [...]


Q:  What are your thoughts right now?   HENRIK NORLANDER:  I’m just happy.  I mean, I hit two terrible drives.  That ball should have gone in the hazard on the second one.  It was a foot [...]


Q:  Let’s talk about today.  A bogey‑free 65, that was one heck of a round of golf.  You’ve got to be absolutely pumped up? HENRIK NORLANDER:  Absolutely.  Playing on a [...]

Mackenzie Hughes

Q:  You get to play again.  How was the day for you? MACKENZIE HUGHES:  It’s a long day.  It was quite a fight out there, and didn’t have my best stuff by any means, but found a way [...]

Billy Horschel

Q:  Billy, obviously late in the day, but you played well today, just didn’t get anything to go in? BILLY HORSCHEL:  Yeah, I played really well today.  I made one bad mistake on a bad swing [...]

Blayne Barber

Q:  It’s been like obviously pretty crazy.  BLAYNE BARBER:  Yeah, it has.  It’s been really fun.  I played great today.  I’ve had some really good looks the last five or six [...]

Jamie Lovemark

Q:  How about today, 65, very well could be the low round of the day on a cold Sunday.  How happy are you with that? JAMIE LOVEMARK:  I’m happy.  Happy we’re done for the season, [...]


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